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Social intelligence Programs

Does your business need help with communication? Are you working as efficiently as you could be? 

Baron is an experienced and certified trainer for the Tracom Group, offering a wide range of training programs for corporate and management teams. In no time at all Baron will have your teams working together, less focused on themselves and more focused on what the other person needs in every interaction.


apdaptive mindset for resiliency

The Adaptive Mindset for Resilience (AMR) program teaches individuals how to counteract the brains natural negative response to change, stress and adversity. It improves an individual’s ability to thrive and bounce forward when faced with workplace challenges. 

AMR is the only resilience program on the market that uses a multi-rater assessment based on the new 9 facet model of behavioural resilience. 

Focusing on positive psychology participants leave the program with a solid behavioural action plan how to leverage their resilience strengths.


Adaptive Mindset for Agility

We define personal and organizational agility as the capacity to recognize, create and exploit opportunities in a changing environment. Agile companies foster innovation and evolve more successfully than their competitors by capitalizing on opportunities emerging around them. Interesting research suggests that agility is 80% learned and 98% of our thoughts are the same each day. 

The Adaptive Mindset for Agility program is a unique one-day course to help develop both individual and organizational agility. It teaches participants about the cognitive biases that hold us back and includes specific strategies to overcome them. This course is built on the latest in neuroscience and experimental psychology, but is highly interactive and experiential, leading to a personal transformation in both thinking and action. 

It includes multi-rater feedback through the Adaptive Mindset for Agility Profile Report, so participants get a full understanding of their current Agility strengths and weaknesses as well as direction to develop those skills.

behavioral eq.png

Behavioral EQ

The behavioural EQ (BEQ) program teaches individuals how to perceive, understand and productively manage emotions when interacting with others in the workplace. 

BEQ is the next generation of emotional intelligence because it focuses on workplace behaviour. 

Previous generations focus on perception only. However, our effectiveness is not based on our perception it is based on what we do with that perception. 

The program uses a multi-rater 360 behavioural assessment.

social style.png

social style

The Social Style and Versatility program teaches individuals how to predict others' behaviour and what to do to make the relationship more productive. 

The Social Style program may sound similar to other programs. However, participants who have completed other programs such as DiSC, MBTI, Hogan’s LSI or HBDI consistently remark on Social Style’s pragmatic and actionable nature. 

The difference is due to 75% of the program being focused on Versatility - how to earn the support and respect of others.