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What Baron's clients say...

Robert A. McFadden   Executive Vice President, Viridian International

Robert A. McFadden

Executive Vice President, Viridian International

Baron was one of the most engaging speakers we have ever hired. His mastery of his content, and the sheer power in which he delivered it, was beyond amazing! The thousands in attendance at our annual convention were electrified as they were taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. We have never seen a corporate speaker move so many of people from belly-laughter to tears and back again with such skill. He exceeded our expectations at every turn.
— Robert A. McFadden - Executive Vice President, Viridian International

Robert A. McFadden


Lee Lake

Chief Executive Officer, SUNENERGY

I personally found the session with Baron extremely engaging. He is a master communicator with real life solutions for real life problems. I was able to immediately implement many of the strategies Baron taught across my sales team with almost instant results. I would highly recommend attending one of Baron’s sessions to anyone that wants to master the art of influence.

JULINA KING    Beyondblue Ambassador


Beyondblue Ambassador

Julina King

Earlier this year I had the privilege of participating in a training session where Baron Grant was the guest presenter. From the very beginning of his training he challenged each of us to be completely honest with ourselves so that we could truly benefit from the training. I made a conscious choice in that moment to fully engage and commit to total honesty and allowed Baron to take me on the journey he had in store for us. 

Not only is Baron a charismatic and engaging presenter, he has a genuine approach that makes you feel like he is invested in your personal development. He is not afraid to get raw and real and inspires everyone in the room to join him in that space. 

One highlight of his presentation that will stay with me was when he had each of us write down personal fears and beliefs that were holding us back. We then had to screw the paper up into a ball and throw it away and scream at the top of our lungs - symbolic of letting it all go and releasing the negative beliefs. I personally found this confronting as it raised many emotions. But the release that I felt as I symbolically threw away my fears was incredible. I felt vulnerable and empowered at the same time. It was one of those profound and poignant moments that alter your life course from that moment forward.

For any individual or organisation who wants to get to the real issues and the honest truths about how to face fears, live life more fully, and super charge yourself belief, Baron Grant is the man that can do that.