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Well, hello everybody! My name is Baron Grant, and I want to say a huge welcome to all of you listening to my new podcast series. This podcast is titled, ‘DID IT ANYWAY’. And the reason that it’s titled, ‘DID IT ANYWAY’, is because recently I published a book called, ‘DO IT ANYWAY’. This opportunity to write my very own book was not only challenging, but exciting at the same time. As I went through the experience of writing my story out and re-living those experiences, I realised that some of the things that I experienced, or took part in, were quite remarkable. And I realised that other people don’t have the same opportunity to tell their story.

We are so bombarded in the media by celebrities or sports stars doing amazing things, and sometimes we don’t feel like we can live up to these people, or even relate to the experiences that they are having. So, their experiences become almost unattainable. This podcast series is all about bringing real people’s experiences to life.

Some of the most courageous people I have met in my life are not Australian of the year. They’re not celebrities and they are not sports stars. They are regular people. Regular people who have gone through unbelievable challenges. But they have acted in spite of the very challenges they are faced with, to go after the dreams that they have. To me, that is inspiring. 

In this podcast series, I am going to interview these people, and find out what really makes them tick. What was the driving force behind them going after what they wanted? Discounting all the challenges that they have to just go out and get it. As you listen to their stories, I am so confident that you will find little nuggets that you can take away and apply to your own lives on a day to day basis. 

Now, make sure you hit that ‘subscribe’ button, and in addition to that, if you know somebody that has overcome some amazing challenges in their life, and their story just hasn’t been told yet, please shoot me a message. You can find my contact details at

 Enjoy the podcast, guys! Talk to you soon.