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Don't wait! Act in spite of Life's Challenges

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DO IT ANYWAY is Baron's journey as his life transformed from charmed to challenged and what he learned in the process. Instead of admitting defeat as his new business suffers, his wife falls deathly ill, and his ability to provide for his family of five children becomes strained, Baron digs deeper, exploring what actually makes life worth living.

He'll tell you straight: if you want to achieve anything meaningful, you aren't going to do it by wishing your time away, or making excuses for your inaction. Join Baron's amazing story and create space to let his hard-earned lessons into your life and your heart. There's no quick road to success. 

Instead, it takes daily commitment, a strong work ethic (and being honest with yourself about how strong your work ethic actually is), and supportive relationships. When naysayers say you can't do something, join Baron - DO IT ANYWAY!

Profits from Baron's book - Do It Anyway - sales are donated to the Karl McManus Foundation, for the research & of Tick Bourne Illness in Australia.