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Keynote Speaker | Facilitator |Trainer | Coach | Dad

Keynote Speaker | Facilitator |Trainer | Coach | Dad

Baron Grant

As a keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, dad and coach, I’m incredibly passionate about helping people achieve more in business and in life.

I’ve come up against plenty of clients’ personal challenges, excuses, misconceptions and low confidence. In every case, I’ve found a way to connect and inspire a change in attitude and work approach. This can be a significant shift on a personal level, but also for an organisation struggling with staff engagement and poor work output.

I believe every individual needs the freedom to take a chance and pursue a higher level of performance with energy and honesty. Then they need the right tools to set them up for success.

If your business and teams are feeling a bit lackluster, I want you to know that there are ways you can combat this.

As a natural storyteller and motivator, one of my greatest skills is teaching sales teams to be authentic when selling. I teach people how to connect with their clients and open up more opportunities to close sales. With years as an entrepreneur and with a keen interest in business development, I’m confident I can help empower your teams to achieve increased sales and happier customers.

After working with me, you’ll likely see a more solid work output as well as increased transparency across the business. You’ll also probably start hearing less excuses and more honesty!

As a former personal trainer, I’ve got a love of fitness. Music performance and family are the other great things in my life. All of this fuels my interest in helping others be happy in their work and life.

To learn more about how I can help you and your team, you’re welcome to contact me on LinkedIn or mobile on 1300 933 800.